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LiteVax Adjuvant is a versatile adjuvant technology developed to improve prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines. Our programs are collaborations with private and public partners active in vaccine development and focus on proof of concept in relevant models and early clinical phase.

INDIGO, H2020 project. Seasonal influenza, pandemic influenza, Development of a next generation of influenza vaccines aiming at higher effectivity, lower costs and better accessibility. A consortium of public and private R&D organisations from EU, India, and US has been awarded a 10 m€ grant for development of improved influenza virus vaccines for the globe. The INDIGO project builds on LiteVax’s patented, adjuvant technology developed to improve therapeutic vaccines.

MucoVAC, EUROSTARS project. Development of a sublingual mucosal immunization technology platform for needle-free vaccination. The goal is to develop a novel transmucosal drug delivery system with nanofiber technology for sublingual vaccination.

TREAT-HER2, EUROSTARS project. Development of a highly immunogenic HER2-vaccine against breast cancer. By combining technologies from AdaptVac (DE), ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies (DE) and LiteVax BV, the prototype vaccine generated strong immune responses against human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) expressed by cancer cells in different animal models.

BACTOVAC, EUROSTARS and TRANSVAC2 project. Development of a vaccine targeting Clostridium difficile infection in collaboration with our partners Proxi Biotech (DE), CellVax (FR) and INRAE (FR).

COROVAC-LITETRANSVAC2 project.  LiteVax, ImmunoPrecise Antibodies (US) and IRTA (SP) decided to combine their respective expertise in the field of immunoadjuvants, antigen design and vaccination evaluation, to develop an effective and safe SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. Feasibility of single-shot approach will be evaluated in large, nonrodent species by measuring neutralizing antibody responses and immunological memory. Provided that results are promising, the project will be a first stepping stone towards clinical development and commercialization of the concept.