It is our ambition to contribute to global health by the delivery of better adjuvants to increase the success of vaccination campaigns in developed and developing countries.

In pre-clinical studies with various types of antigens in large non-rodent species, our most advanced product gave significantly higher humoral responses than benchmark adjuvants after the first and second immunization.

Remarkably, a single injection with this new adjuvant gave similar (and sometimes even higher) antibody titers as two immunizations with benchmark adjuvant. So, it is a promising candidate for single-shot vaccines.

The single-shot approach offers enormous benefits related to costs of vaccination (goods, logistics and staffing), time-to-immunity, complexity of vaccination campaigns and non-adherence. In developing countries with poor infrastructure, these are critical success factors of campaigns and better adjuvants play a decisive role. Furthermore, in emergency situations avoiding the need for a booster offers tremendous advantages.

The adjuvant has been designed to facilitate incorporation into the manufacturing process of a wide range of vaccines. It is cheap, easy to manufacture, stable, filterable and ready-for-use in aqueous formulations. Pilot production has been completed successfully and manufacturing outline has been established.

Test material is available for research purposes under a material transfer agreement.

For research collaborations, test material or commercial licenses , please contact Luuk Hilgers at luuk.hilgers(at)