Luuk Hilgers

Dr. Luuk Hilgers, CEO

luuk hilgersLuuk Hilgers obtained a PhD in Immunology at Utrecht University and continued his scientific career as Senior Scientist at Solvay Pharmaceuticals in Amsterdam and Brussels. He pioneered several novel adjuvant concepts and managed R&D groups and projects in the field of synthetic adjuvants, immunomodulation and mucosal vaccines. One of his inventions is exploited in a unique, single-shot vaccines for veterinary purposes in North-America and Europe.

In 2000, he founded CoVaccine BV and developed CoVaccine HT adjuvant, which was sold to Protherics plc now BTG plc (UK). He is an independent consultant in the field of vaccine adjuvants for national and international pharmaceutical companies and was coordinator of various vaccine development projects at Nobilon International BV (NL). During his career he gained ample experience in turning scientific projects into successful products and business. He was one of the founder of the 'European Adjuvant Advisory Committee' and member of the executive board. He successfully applied for several national and international research grants, is co-author of > 35 papers and co-inventor of > 10 patents in the field of vaccine adjuvants.