We developed and exploit two adjuvant platforms based on carbohydrate derivatives and heteropolymers. They have distinct efficacy profiles; the carbohydrates derivatives are more effective during the first contact of a naïve host with antigen (priming) while the heteropolymers are more effective for booster immunization and local application. These products are unique as they concern new molecules that are exclusively developed as adjuvant active substances and are the outcome of a distinctive approach of determining relationships between chemical structure and efficacy/toxicity-ratio in large, non-rodent species.

Our most advanced product is a synthetic carbohydrate monosulphate derivative immobilized on nano-droplets of a squalane in water emulsion. In large nonrodent species, it elicited unprecedentedly high immune responses with no detectable local or systemic adverse reactions. It is the third generation of carbohydrate-based adjuvants that we have developed with further improved safety while retaining high efficacy. After the process of identification and optimization in non-rodent species, the adjuvant is now tested in mice to elucidate immunological mechanisms involved.

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